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MagnuFuel, prices, works, reviews, reviews, forum, GhanaFuel consumption with MagnuFuel

The fuel consumption of a car depends on multiple factors, such as the engine project, the bodywork project, the way of driving and environmental conditions; it is generally expressed in litres per 100 km, but sometimes and more frequently, it is expressed in km/1. Manufacturers indicate standard consumption reviews.

In all engines, spent fuel is only partially transformed (approximately one third) into mechanical energy, with a performance that depends price on the compression ratio, the carburetor, the shape of the explosion chamber and the distribution diagram. The rest of the thermal energy developed in combustion is expelled in the form pharmacy of heat by the engine, by the radiator and the exhaust gases. The remaining mechanical power of the engine is used in turn in:

MagnuFuel, how to use, ingredients, composition, how it works

MagnuFuel – to reach a certain speed (power spent on starting);

– maintain a certain speed (power spent on overcoming air resistance and tyre friction and transmissions);

– raise a slope (power spent in overcoming the force of gravity).

MagnuFuel, how to use, ingredients, composition, how it works

On average, the power consumed to start represents approximately one third of the available energy and depends, above all, on the weight of the car and the load it carries.

On the other hand, MagnuFuel the power used to how it works maintain the speed represents more than 60% of the total fuel consumption and depends essentially on the shape of the bodywork and its aerodynamic strength. For this reason, how to use the consumption increases with the square of the speed, as this is how the resistance of the air varies ingredients.

The third type of energy generally represents a very small fraction, less than 10%, and does not depend on the engine or the driver, but only on the weight of the car and the slope of the road. The sub-paragraph indicates how to use that these three forms of energy are intended, sooner or later, to transform into heat and dissipate in the air ingredients.

It follows from the above considerations that in composition order to reduce consumption a car must have: a good thermodynamic performance of the engine (there are no appreciable differences between new factory cars in this respect), a reduced resistance coefficient of the bodywork, small front section and low weight. All are elements that depend on the car project; the buyer, however, can freely choose between the different models according to the best characteristics.

MagnuFuel, reviews, forum, comments

Reduced MagnuFuel consumption can also be obtained by keeping the mechanical organs in optimal conditions: efficient electrical installation, precise regulation of the distributor and the carburetor, clean air filter, correct pressure of the tyres, perfect inclination of the wheels, etc.It is also essential to drive correctly with moderate maximum speeds, gradual accelerations with slow pedal movements and soft decelerations forum. In short, reviews as close as possible to the uniform movement.

MagnuFuel, reviews, forum, comments

To carry out the consumption test, MagnuFuel devices are used that consist of graduated test pieces reviews, connected directly to the power circuit and that can be introduced and removed from the circuit at will; with this system forum, exactly the necessary fuel is measured, to travel a certain distance of known length at constant speed comments.

The motorist can evaluate the average consumption of his car, dividing the kilometers traveled since the last time he filled the tank by the liters of fuel introduced in the subsequent filling.

Specific consumption is characteristic of the engine and not of the car. It indicates the grams of fuel that it is necessary to spend every hour per horse of developed power. It is measured in the test bench and gives an idea of comments the thermodynamic performance of the engine at different speeds. In 4-stroke gasoline engines it is 190-210 g / cvh, at speeds close to those of maximum torque. In diesel car engines low to 180-200 g / cvh, while in 2 stroke engines it is higher: 330-350 g / cvh.

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The performance of a vehicle MagnuFuel is the concept associated with the work it does to travel in different traffic situations, whether urban, road or mixed. depending on fuel consumption and expressed in kilometres per litre (Km/l).

Inacap specialists, Ghana Marcos Soza de la Fuente, teacher of the mechanical area and Rodrigo Brito Álvarez, advisor of the mechanical area Automotive Specialty, pharmacy provide data that should be taken into account when examining the performance of a vehicle:

– Urban performance: it is defined as a standard circuit for the study, the most used and common, an example of this condition is the traffic of the city of santiago, without using highways.

– Road performance: this MagnuFuel circuit is defined for the study where the vehicle maintains constant speeds between 90 and 120 Km / h. An example of this point is a vehicle that moves between cities using only roads.

– Mixed performance: Ghana is that circuit that mixes the two previous conditions, an example of this point is the displacement original from one end of Santiago to another, including the use of the highways.

MagnuFuel, price, pharmacy, amazon, where to buy

– The manufacturer declares MagnuFuel a value of performance that emerges from the circuits used for the approvals of all their models, however, this circuit is not standard for all brands, in addition to be found in different latitudes, making price the climatic condition amazon and geographical store to deliver errors in the output of consumption when the vehicles are used for other countries.

– To certify the performance associated with each model in Chile, the official values issued by the vehicle control and pharmacy Certification MagnuFuel Center (3CV), a technical pharmacy agency under the Ministry of transport, are applied – This information has been determined in the vehicle approval process through laboratory tests carried out under certain price driving conditions.

MagnuFuel, side effects, contraindications

How cost to measure performance in a vehicle MagnuFuel?

When you want to determine the consumption contraindications performance that the engine is delivering to move the vehicle, you must perform the following exercise:

1-attend a refueling station and request to fill the tank or tank.

2-filling already, you must adjust MagnuFuel the partial score of the “Trip” odometer to zero.

3 – when traveling to a distant side effects place by road, be sure to refill contraindications the tank at a distance no greater than 400 kilometers it really works.

4-Write down the value side effects of liters that were added for filling and rescuing the kilometers marked by the odometer Trip.

5-to finish the next what is the cost exercise, if the amount of fuel at the time of filling the tank was 12.75 and the trip of the odometer marks 200 km of travel, the road performance of the vehicle will be 15.7 km per litre (Km/l).



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